Wie finde ich den schönsten Stellplatz?

Have you bought or rented your dream accommodation? Do you want to go on a tour with a tent, caravan, mobile home or van soon? In order for your camping trip to be a complete success, you also need a suitable campsite or parking space. Especially if you stay in one place for several nights, because wild camping is not allowed in many places.

Campsite, microcamping or camper van stand?

Do you want a lot of service? Restaurant, shops, sanitary facilities, beach, pools, wellness or your favorite sport? Or are you traveling with children who love animation, playgrounds, children's pools or water slides? Then a large or medium-sized, well-equipped campsite is recommended.

Does your partner have prejudices against camping? Especially because of the shared sanitary facilities? There are solutions for this too.

"Camping offers no comfort"? That's no longer an excuse

Either you create a mobile home with a bathroom. Or you rent a pitch with a private sanitary area. With shower, sink, toilet just for you and your family.

More and more campsites are offering their own bathroom

Ready-made mobile homes and rental caravans are also on the rise. Not only do they have real beds and a kitchen, they often even have their own bathroom.

If you like to enjoy peace and quiet and organize your free time individually, it can also be a very small, natural campsite. Or a stand on a farm, vineyard or private property.

Are you almost self-sufficient with your camper?

Do you have your own bathroom on board, with sink, shower and (chemical) toilet ? Then you can also enjoy comfort on simply equipped campsites or WoMo "parking lots". Pay particular attention to whether there are disposal stations for waste water. And that you can fill up with fresh water.

Another advantage:

You can drive to many RV sites around the clock. Sometimes you check in by machine or online.

Would you like to combine the advantages of a campsite with those of a WoMo port? Many campsites offer RV sites in front of the site. You can arrive and depart there regardless of opening and barrier times.

What equipment does my pitch need?

Do you need a socket, possibly with an adapter ? How much electrical power can you use (for light or for electric grill and more)? Would you like a tap to be on the pitch or nearby? Is wifi available and if so is it free? Please keep in mind that the bandwidths are usually sufficient for WhatsApp and websites, but not always for streaming. Is there maybe a TV cable connection?

You can find this information in many camping guides and portals

You can find your pitch offline or online. Or you look on the website or on the hotline of the campsite.

Campsite, caravan, motorhome pitch

What should the parking space be like?

Pitches on grass or meadows are often the most beautiful. You can sit outside and the children can play. The tent pegs or awning usually hold well in the ground.

Are you going with the camper? Or do you have a groundsheet for your tent and the area in front of your accommodation? Then it can also be really comfortable on gravel or sand pitches.

Shade, semi-shade or sun are also important. You can also find information on this in the campsite guides or on the campsite websites. Please consider that natural developments or the necessary winter pruning can lead to changes in the shade situation.

It is very important for many campers whether the pitches are parceled out

If you like things tidy, choose cleanly separated plots. They may also be divided with hedges, for privacy. It is freer on open camping meadows. Here the subdivision is often done by small signs. Or the camping field is not divided at all, so that everyone can freely look for a place.

How big should the parking space be?

Many campers want a large pitch with plenty of space to chill or have a barbecue, for the children to play - and some privacy. You can find square footage per pitch in many online and offline camping guides. Some sites offer extra large pitches for an additional charge.

Large pitches mostly in the second row

Basically, pitches on campsites in the hinterland are often larger than those on much sought-after pitches on the coast or by the lake.

There are also frequent differences in the destinations. Traditionally, parking spaces in Italy tend to be smaller than in Germany, Holland, Scandinavia or France. Exceptions prove the rule.

Please also consider that your camping accommodation itself needs a lot of space

The area for the awning or awning is added to the actual base area. The guy ropes that run diagonally down from the tent, awning or awning also take up extra space.

Is studying square footage too technical for you? Then look at photos, videos or Google satellite photos of the campsite. This will give you an idea of ​​the size and type of pitches.

Should I book a parking space in advance?

Basically yes, especially during the school holidays or long weekends! This is especially true for campsites in popular regions, but also for mobile home ports and other parking spaces.

Please also consider: The camping boom continues. The "competition" for the most beautiful places and the best dates is not getting any smaller.

How do I find and book my desired parking space?

You can easily search and book online: via parking space portals or parking space apps, such as Stellplatz.info, Park4Night, Gocamping or the Promobil app. You can filter by region and desired properties.

The large campsite booking portals such as PiNCAMP from ADAC and Camping.info also offer search filters, maps and a large selection of pitches. Many portals also have comparison functions. This comes in handy if you have a few campsites on the short list.

You can book directly

Or on request via the online inquiry form, email or telephone. Also check the campsite's website once you've decided on a pitch. You will often get more information there than on the portals.

Can I book a specific pitch?

This is partly possible. Places with modern booking software have an interactive map online. There you can view available parking spaces and book your desired parking space online. If it is not possible, you can often express a parking space request.

Categories can also often be booked, for example pitches with a sea view or with special equipment.

do you have small children Then choose, for example, a pitch by the playground and close to the sanitary facilities. do you love rest Then take a seat far away from the service facilities, the reception or the street.

Are there websites for special camping interests?

Yes. Are you a fan of van life or camping with the classic caravan? There are portals that specialize in parking spaces for these target groups. For example Vansite.eu or Wowa-Stellplatz.de.

You can also search for your interests on large camping portals - for example by pitch size, location, types of sport, childcare and more.

If you want to camp with private individuals or on small farms and the like, look at microcamping portals like Camperland.de or Hinterland.camp.