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Travel pharmacy for camper - factcheck

Travel planning is rarely accompanied by direct thought of dangers and possible accidents. Thanks to cheap foreign health insurance, with an average of one year of term, many people feel completely protected. But what about the small ailments on site? To prepare for the vacation, you should definitely put together your individual travel pharmacy. Pharmacies on site will also be happy to help you with the advice on what must and how you can relax even better prepared.


  1. Sensible because ...
  2. Medication selection
  3. Basic equipment
  4. Additional medication
  5. Children - travel pharmacy
  6. Four -legged first -aid kit
  7. Other countries, other customs
  8. More than just a first -aid kit

Travel pharmacy for camper - factcheck

Sensible because ...

A well -stocked travel pharmacy is worth gold in the event of a case. If you fall ill on vacation, you would like to remedy pain & Co. Those who have nothing ready have to ask, usually not local, only after the next pharmacy. In addition, linguistic communication problems on trips abroad can make it difficult to search for the right drug. Many caught an annoying cold, migraine attack or injuries, especially on camping holidays. Nevertheless, just like at home, not every disease is mandatory by a doctor in need of treatment - everyone can usually stick on pavement. A well -stocked first -aid kit can ensure faster improvement and recovery.

Medication selection
Basically, we advise you to only take medication on vacation that you have previously taken without complications. Unknown preparations can cause unwanted side effects worldwide.
Always check before the start of the trip whether the expiry date of all medications has not yet been reached. If liquids and ointments are already open, their effect can be impaired before the date has expired. Please do not simply dispose of expired medication in household waste, but return to disposal in the pharmacy.

Basic equipment
Travel pharmacies are available as ready -made sets. Depending on the extent and equipment, the prices are between 20 and 50 euros. Most of the medication and association materials are housed in a small bag or a small suitcase. You can also put together a travel pharmacy yourself.
Individual medication: In this category, all medications that you take/ have to take regularly fall, for example due to a chronic illness. Before a trip abroad in particular, you should calculate the need exactly. Because certain drugs are difficult to get on the way.
Wound disinfection: A disinfectant or disinfectant spray is part of the basic equipment of every first aid kit. The wound spray prevents ignition of the open wound and may clean dirt in the wound.
Pain relievers: Preparations such as aspirin and ibuprofen work against pain in different areas of the body. Pain relievers are available in different dosage forms and doses. Tablets occupy relatively little space in the first aid kit and are therefore particularly recommended.
Association material: Wounds and other open injuries must be supplied with a pavement, a wound compress or mull bandages depending on the degree of injury. Adhesive tape, scissors and, moreover, splinter tweezers may also be necessary to create the bandage material. All of these utensils can usually also be found in the motor vehicle association.
Fieberhermometer: In some diseases, body temperature provides information about the seriousness of the course of the disease. It is up to you whether you use a simple and cheapest fever thermometer for rectal measurement or a high -priced device for temperature determination. It is important that the thermometer is calibrated and approved for medical applications.

Additional medication
Some medications can upgrade the first -aid kit, but are not absolutely necessary. Therefore, you should consider whether you will need them with the medication mentioned here. For example, if you often suffer about constipation, there should be a corresponding preparation for a quick remedy in your first aid kit. Especially in warm, southern countries, the final base white bread is a much -sufficient side dish in front of and for every meal.
Possible additions to the travel pharmacy are funds at:
  • nausea
  • Diarrhea
  • constipation
  • Sniffles
  • Sore throat
  • Eye problems
Especially in the warm season, insect bites can spoil the camping vacation. Depending on the travel destination, an antihistaming, i.e. an anti-allergic gel, and a stabilizer can be valuable.

Children - travel pharmacy
Children love to romp and tumble around. Due to their great urge to move, children also have an increased risk of injuries. In small children in particular, the first -aid kit should also contain small, child -friendly plasters. Even wound and healing ointments to relieve abrasion wounds should not be missing in camping vacations with children. Otherwise, the same recommendations apply as to great people.
Tip for parents: ask the pediatrician whether he would prescribe medication. Many preparations for children are available.

Four -legged first -aid kit
If you take your dog on vacation, your first aid pharmacy should also include some first aid and association materials. Are particularly recommended for vacation with dog:
  • Solution to rinse eyes
  • Medicines for nausea and diarrhea, especially coal tablets
  • Wound disinfection
  • Ward
  • Fieber thermometer (which is only used for the dog)
  • Muzzle (to protect the dog itself in the event of injuries)
  • Anti-tick agent
  • Emergency drops (for dogs there are emergency drops in a special dosage)
Note: Do not forget the vaccination card for your dog (EU pet ID card)!

Other countries, other customs
Especially at the time of a pandemic, the applicable provisions and on -site regulations change very often. The side of the Federal Republic of Germany offers a good way to find out more. Here you will find daily innovations on all individual countries, travel instructions and warnings, but of course also information about the first contact points for on -site help.

More than just a first -aid kit
Incidentally, the travel pharmacy should not be confused with the first -aid kit. Because its content is limited to the care of injuries that arise in traffic accidents. The range of the travel pharmacy, on the other hand, is broader.
A well -sorted travel pharmacy can save the holiday mood in an emergency. Take the time and check the content of your travel pharmacy for completeness and integrity before the adventure is started.