Camping Gaskocher
Forget doses ravioli - haute cuisine à la gas cooker

Have you always wanted to cook with gas? Let's go, because what's better than a delicious meal after a long camping day? So that you really remember the camper - classic classic par excellence and yet can handle your taste buds on the go, listen to us. We show you why a camping stove is quite small, but practical and you don't have to leave out culinary highlights far away from the domestic stove. Because in addition to the typical cuisine that you can try from place to place, "it tastes best at home".

Here is a bit of material science: The gas cooker practically replaces the kitchen as an important part. To do this, cookers in different sizes use gas as an energy source, which is made from changeable gas cartridges.

Gas cookers with a so-called piezo ignition can be switched on and off at the push of a button. An additional ignition protection avoids that gas escapes while the stove is not used.

Funfact: The higher the performance, the faster the food is on the (camping) table.

How does the gas stove work during camping?

Gas cookers work in principle like a gas stove, only that they are operated completely self -sufficient and without connection to the gas pipeline. In the simplest version, gas stoves consist of attachment with regulating valve and a gas cartridge. The gas cooker gas cartridge is filled with a odorless mixture of butan and propane, which flows out of the attachment by opening the valve and lit with a lighter.

As soon as this has happened, you can heat water in a saucepan on the frame or heat the contents of a tin. More always works, if you want to conjure up other delicacies and culinary highlights à la nature, you are warmly invited ...

Variants of gas cookers:

  • Classic gas stove 1-flame
  • Gas cooker with two flames
  • Gas cooker as a stool cooker
  • Gas cooker with wind protection

Buying advice - In which areas you benefit from different gas cookers:

Gas cooker with ignition protection should be preferred. In the case of a gas stove with ignition protection, it is prevented from escaping gas out of the cartridge without use. On the one hand, this prevents the risk of defligence and at the same time ensures that you don't suddenly stand there on your trip without gas.

For example, if you want to use a gas stove when hiking or on trekking tours, then use light and compact devices if possible. In addition, the gas cooker gas cartridges should also be light and compact. Finally, you may have to stow this together with the tent, sleeping bag, is mat, clothing and meals as well as accessories in a backpack and carry on your back from stage to stage.

How do you find the best campaign cooker?

There is no "one" - as in life, you have to set the criteria for a long -term addition. Here it depends on the requirements. The size, weight, service duration and detailed equipment go better with some camping projects than to others. Our customer service will be happy to advise you.

How safe are gas cookers?

Gas cookers are as safe as they are used. If they are used with caution and carefully, common models are now classified as very safe. Never set the gas cooker too close to the tent or near other, flammable materials.Never leave the burning gas cooker unattended and use it exclusively on levels. These are the most elementary information that we can give you ...