Camping Lifehacks

Essentials - 7 Camping Lifehacks, a little off the slopes!

We show you important tricks and tips while camping. Among other things, what baking powder is good for or what should not be missing on every trip.

  1. Do not apply too thick!
  2. Dear leash!
  3. Laundry contact!
  4. Powder fun!
  5. Oh Rainy Day!
  6. WC flushed up!
  7. Seasoned like!
  8. It's your turn!

Number 1: Do not apply too thick!

For us a must: always travel as space -saving as possible. So it is best to avoid bulky luggage as well as possible. Chic hard shell cases are more of a disadvantage here, and instead, the luggage prefers to accommodate in travel bags. During the trip, these can be stowed in small folded, possibly stacked and also a little squeezed without taking a lot of space. Of course, this depends entirely on the content, but you probably don't take the good service from Omi's time anyway.

Number 2: Dear leash!

Laundry stones instead of a clothes stand always helps. The convenience of a stable laundry stand cannot be denied, but if you are traveling longer, you often use the washing facilities of the campsites or conditions on site anyway. Drying the laundry is much more flexible with a clothesline, because the next tree or other mast is guaranteed not to be far. In contrast to a laundry rack, the leash can then be wrapped up again and accommodated with little storage space loss.

Number 2 ½: laundry contact!

Always remember to pack the clothes pegs! Before the start of your life as a camper, you were probably not even aware of how much more these little helpers can. Far from the stabilizing effect on the individual parts of suspended laundry, you can use them, for example, to close garbage bags and do not overturn and tip it over while driving. Also opened canned goods, which may be stored in the refrigerator, or open bags of dry goods, can also be closed with clothes clamps. Simply place a piece of cling film or cover material of your choice via the opening of the canned goods and fix this with a clothes peg.

Number 3: powder fun!
Baking powder is the all -purpose weapon of all campers because it offers an enormous range of a so -called #offlabeluse. Rather a term from medicine that describes the use of a product apart from its original purpose and of course most people favor baking powder in pastries and cake creations of all kinds, but it is a real blast in everyday use. After a longer wearing time of your hiking shoes, it is worthwhile to have a bag of packing powder soaked in the wet shoes overnight. What does that bring? The powder binds the (perhaps strict) smells and at the same time removes moisture. Also as a SOS cleaning agent brings baking powder true miracles. Aha? Mixed with a bit of water, the solution, for example, easily cleans yesterday's dirty grill rust and thus frees it from soot and fat.

Number 4: Oh Rainy Day!
#alwayslookonhebrightseideoflife - live and plan the rainy days! The practical life in the camper is that you can just make yourself comfortable on gray days. Apart from the mandatory shuttle or ball, should not be missing, should not be missing, so that it does not get bored. Not everyone has the technical conditions on the way to further expand their Binge watch skills, let alone guaranteed internet reception. And who takes DVDs and a player on board?! With the classic "human-annoying-You-not" or other card games, you are anthus to the rainiest afternoon.

Number 5: toilet rinsed!
Spoiler-Alert, but yes: If the toilet chemistry goes out on the go, you can actually use fabric softeners as a temporary alternative. Kip two caps of your fabric softener into the usual large camping toilet and you're done! As a result, odor development is limited and the toilet paper also dissolves in this creative addition.

Number 6: seasoned like!
Our top - Lifehack: Pack your spices before the trip. So that you can escape the prejudiced Ravioli Camping kitchen and also give your dishes the right spice on tour, you should pack your spice selection in small bags before traveling. So on this point you do without sustainability, yes, but also the annoying rattling of spatial doses and glasses or even unnecessary broken glass, because it wasn't that stowed away that nothing breaks.

Number 7: You are!
No, you haven't emitted, Lifehack number 7 is actually number 8, but number 3 is number 2 ½ and ... you understand?
On the (camping) places, ready, go!