ProPlus hail protection garage m for small cars 431x165x119 cm

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Dress code: every year - outfit!

Why a full garage? Whether as a winter coat, evening "pajamas" or rain cape, a full garage can be so much for your car. A whole garage is needed to protect your vehicle from dirt and other environmental influences such as snow and ice. Thus, the value of your piece of jewelry remains for a long time and at a high level. All the opponents who want to harm the paint of favorite are therefore tamed. In winter, there are self -evidential symptoms in the focus of the surfaces worth protecting, while in summer the vehicle should also be prepared for rainfall from different intensities. Some of our whole garages are breathable, i.e. that the cover is air -permeable and can easily escape condensation. This protects your vehicle from damage.

There are different all -rounds and thus primarily assessed according to their intended use. On the one hand, there are customers who want to protect their sports car or classic car from dust in the garage, other customers want to protect their vehicle outside the garage from external environmental influences. Thus, a distinction is made between indoor and outdoor compatibility.

All -garage indoor - cover in garage and carport

We offer different variants for use in the garage. A whole garage offers protection against dust and impulses from outside. Mostly indoor used full garages are easier and softer material. It is super tight and reflects the beautiful vehicle contours. Highly recommended for use in the carport: waterproof car - covers made of multi -layer polypropylene, since this material is absolutely air -permeable and still waterproof. In the best case, the carport roof, but also one of our car protective ceilings, not only keeps protective ceilings from medium to strong hailstorm.

Play it safe: sewn rubber in the hem, ensure an optimal seat of the car protective blankets.

Full garage outdoor - outdoor coverage

We also offer different variants for outdoor use. A whole garage offers protection against environmental influences such as precipitation and UV radiation. Mostly outdoor used full garages are thicker, multi-layered material. This is also super tight and reflects the curves of the four -wheel favorite.

Full garage for everyone

With us you will find the right full garage for your vehicle. Our range includes a wide variety of covers in different sizes. From anti-frost disc protection, over half or fabric garages, to anti-frost full garages.

Our satisfied customers confirm: The sustainable and long -lasting joy of a full garage lasts longer than the small short -term savings at the discounter.

By far the best customers

Our remarkable online shop offer fits in all situations. Hygienically perfect, you can take a look at our range of coverage and then order very comfortably from home. No matter how much you order, we deliver everything comfortably to the front door. Our shop thus saves time and money, which you can then use for the conversion and the actual trip. If you have any questions, we will be happy to help you. So that you can also open a light, our customer service can be reached via phone, WhatsApp, email, or Skype. Our team leisure factory is looking forward to you.

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